The profound knowledge & rich experience in switchgear & controlgear products have enabled the organization achieve a status of being named as “best designed and manufacturer“ of control panels for various applications. We are also suppliers for most of the OEMS (DG manufacturers).

More than 17years of experience in this field has made us one of the largest panel manufacturers.

Gained expertise and specialized in production of panels. The vast manufacturing facility and infrastructure with all state of the art equipment for production, supervised and produced by extremely qualified technical personnel, equally backed up by a committed & energetic work force has turned the company into a very efficient panel manufacturing unit.

Right from design stage to final product, the processes involve usage of the latest software for design, review and verification, CNC machines for fabrication, CO2 welding, surface treatment process, hot oven drying for post painting & a continuous in-process quality check to final testing.

The apex of the organization is based on the proactive and dynamic approach of our key staff. Members of the management team have enormous experience, proficiency with a cumulative industrial experience of 80++ yrs. Their vision, leadership, planning, motivates all the other staff and inspires related activities involved in the process of producing a timely quality output.

Quality assurance: We Assure quality…… & certainty.

Owing to the priorities to deliver a quality products, various stringent quality test, conducted under supervision of experts; major OEM’s, consultant and contractors recognize us as most dependable company to be associated with. Our track record with them for the last few decades proves this.

located in one of the premier developed industrial area, in Bengaluru, with 5,000 sq. ft. of production area & 2000 sq.ft. of office area.

Inhouse fabrication that meets AWS specification with all latest manufacturing equipments, surface treatment.

50+ technician well trained in their respective trade. Large shop area where mega project panels can be taken parallelly for assembly.

Well equipped test facility with dedicated testing team, where the quality check takes place from initial stage of procuring raw materials to the product realisation till the commissioning of the product at site.

Latest Design software, exclusive CAD centre for elite 10 members team of design engineers and expert verification team.

LV and MV Power Ccontrol Centres

A Power Control Centre (PCC) is a Power and Control panel which consists of Incomer Circuit Breaker(s), Feeder Circuit breakers, monitoring devices, control devices etc. PCC consists of different vertical sections from where the different electric parameters are monitored and controlled.

LV and MV Motor Control Centres

A motor control center (MCC) is an assembly of Main Incoming Circuit Breaker and assembly of several motor starters. A motor control center can include DOLs, Star-Delta Starters, Variable frequency drives, Soft Starters with necessary control logic.


Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel (APFC) consists of Incomer, Outgoing Breakers along with Capacitor Duty Contactors / Thyristors, Harmonic Filters, Capacitors, APFC Relay and necessary controls for operating the panel in Auto or Manual modes. As the name suggests, APFC panels control the Power Factor so that Power Factor is maintained as per the requirement

LV Relay and Metering Panels

DG Solo

Solo Generator required where load is very less and AMF operation required and also synchronization of two or more DG’s are not required. It has got all human and DG protection with latest switchgears.

DG Synchronization

DG Synchronization panel is required to paralleling of 2 or more DG’s in order to share the total load. It helps transferring the load from one unit to another as during service period. In this way the critical load need not be interrupted and there is no production loss.

Switches and Control

From a single automatic changeover panel to multiple generators synchronizing panel, we offer a wide comprehensive range of durable and economical control panels.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are an integral part of the power generation process, allowing smooth and immediate transfer of electrical current between multiple sources and the load. When the generator is in operation the transfer switch prevents dangerous feedback of current to the utility system. It also ensures that different power sources are fully synchronized. P.I offers Automatic Switches designed to be simple and easy to monitor, operate and maintain.

Our team of qualified engineers and experienced technicians can design, build and install a broad spectrum of control panels including:

  • Synchronizing panel
  • Power distribution panels
  • Generator control panels
  • Automatic transfer panels
  • Power factor correction panels
  • Remote monitoring and control panels